About Us

Prodotti d’Italia Ltd was established in 1992 to specialise initially in the importation of Italian foods, later adding Italian wines to its portfolio. As the love of all things Italian has grown in New Zealand, so too has Prodotti d’Italia as a company. Working closely with our key suppliers, including bulk foodservice companies, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and independent food and liquor outlets; our products are used by chefs in a wide range of restaurants and are readily adaptable for home cooking and entertaining.

We specialise primarily in dry and preserved foods such as pasta, rice, jars of delicious antipasti; our range includes Italian olive oils and balsamic vinegars. For restaurants, we can supply either direct to you or through your local distributor. For cooking at home, you will find most of our products throughout New Zealand in your nearest supermarket or specialist food store or delicatessen.

On the wine side, we represent vineyards from various regions around Italy. From the much loved and revered Tuscan wines, to the new, exciting, full flavoured wines from Puglia and Sicily in the South. PICCINI, the family owned company based in Tuscany offers a wide range of Chiantis, as well as the award winning Tegole Sangiovese. GIRELLI, another family owned company have developed the CANALETTO range, which represents an assortment of wines from various regions. These award winning wines give you the opportunity to try new Italian styles, with an assurance of quality.

IPA cups are used throughout New Zealand in most restaurants and cafes. From the land of coffee lovers, these Italian cups are produced to enhance your coffee drinking experience by retaining plenty of heat, thus keeping your coffee steaming hot, and are very durable for everyday wear and tear. Available in several colours and shapes, they add style to your café and look great with your own name or logo printed onto them.

Prodotti d’Italia works hard to source products of high quality at competitive prices, offering an affordable opportunity for everyone to try the varied tastes of Italy. We were the first to introduce Orzo to New Zealand, which is now a staple product in most people’s pantries !

The team at Prodotti d'Italia are dedicated to bringing an authentic Italian experience to your table.